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Why Book Early?

1. You save money! It's like Free meals on tour.


2. It's risk-free! Your deposit is refundable in most cases until approximately 45-90 days prior to departure. (See the cancellation policy individual tours.)


3. You are guaranteed space on the tour. You can relax and don't have to worry about the tour selling out.


4. Book late and you "throw away" valuable Early Booking Savings!


5. Combined with Pay-by-Check savings, you can save over $200 per couple on selected tours. THAT'S REAL SAVINGS!


Pay-by-Check and SAVE! To save even more, make all payments by check and you'll make those travel dollars stretch even farther. Pay by-Check savings are listed on each tour page. Note: Early Booking Savings can be used along with Pay-by-Check savings.







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Call Us 800-672-1009
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