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1. How long has Allied Tour & Travel been in business?

Allied Tour started in 1962 with our first tour to the Seattle World's Fair! In 2009 Allied purchased Fun Tours, and in 2013 we have merged into one catalog, offering you the same outstanding service.

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2. Where can I board the tour?

Allied offers 8 main pick-up locations, but will pick-up en route if possible. Please call us at (800) 672-1009 for more information.


Grand Island


Sioux City

On select tours, pick-up locations may be available (see tour information for details):
Des Moines, Iowa
Orange City, Iowa
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Luverne, Minnesota
Fremont, Nebraska

Other locations may be offered on select tours.
Call (800) 672-1009 for details.

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3. How do I contact you?

We have offices in Norfolk, Lincoln, and Fremont, Nebraska.

Allied Tours
720 E Norfolk Ave
Norfolk, NE 68701
(402) 371-3840 or (800) 672-1009

Allied Tours
5250 Superior St
Lincoln, NE 68504
(402) 466-1776 or (800) 742-7717

Allied Tours
Marilyn Whitehead, Sales Representative
(By appointment only)
Fremont, NE
(402) 721-1791

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4. When is my deposit due after I sign up for a tour?

Deposits are due within 7 days of the reservation. If you sign up within 45 days of departure, full payment is due right away. On rare occasions some tours may required payment sooner.

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5. What is your refund policy in the event I need to cancel?

Deposits and payment are refundable, provided your cancellation is within the following time frames:
Coach Tours (United States/Canada)
46 Days or More - No Fee
45-31 Days - 30% of the Total Cost
30-16 Days - 70% of the Total Cost
15 Days or Less to Departure - No Refund

Domestic Air Tours
90 Days or More - No Fee
89-45 Days - 40% of the Total Cost
44-30 Days - 75% of the Total Cost
29 Days or Less to Departure - No Refund

Alaska Cruises/Panama Canal Cruise/California Coastal Cruise
76 Days or More - No Fee
75-56 Days - $1500 Fee
55-30 Days - 75% of the Cruise Fare plus Airfare is Non-Refundable
29 Days or Less - No Refund

California Zephyr & Grand Canyon by Rail
95 Days or More - No Fee
94-50 Days - 40% of the Total Cost
49-31 Days - 75% of the Total Cost
30 Days or Less - No Refund

Hawaii Cruise
76 Days or More - No Fee
75-61 Days - 50% of the Total Cost
60-31 Days - 75% of the Total Cost
30 Days or Less - No Refund

Italy by Rail
151 Days or More - No Fee
150-91 Days - $250 Fee
90-45 Days - 20% of the Total Cost
44-15 Days - 50% of the Total Cost
14 Days or Less - No Refund

Legendary Blue Danube River Cruise
From Initial Date of Deposit to 91 Days prior - $450 Per Person Fee
90 Days or Less - No Refund

NCL Bahamas & Cuba Cruise
90 Days or More - No Fee
89-75 Days - $450 Fee
74-57 Days - $600 Fee
56-30 Days - 50% of the Tour Cost
29 Days or Less - No Refund

New York Broadway & Baseball
From initial date of deposit to 65 Days prior - $300 per person
64-30 Days - 75% of the Total Cost
29 Days or Less to Departure - No Refund

Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island
61 Days or More - No Fee
60-31 Days - 20% of the Total Cost plus Airfare is Non-Refundable
30 Days or Less - No Refund

*Travel insurance is highly recommended to protect travelers from cancellation fees.

Heart of Ireland
130 Days or More - No Fee
129-65 Days - $150 Per Person plus Airfare is Non-Refundable
64-31 Days - $500 Per Person plus Airfare is Non-Refundable
30 Days or Less - No Refund


Cancellation fees are "per person'. Allied strongly encourages you to purchase travel insurance to cover your cancellation fees. Contact us at (800) 672-1009 for insurance information.

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6. What ID will I need to bring with me on my tour?

For travel within the U.S., at a minimum you will want to have your driver's license or a valid State identification card with you.

* All air tours require valid, unexpired government issued I.D., such as driver's license.
* All International tours require passports, and some countries require Visas. Passports must be valid for 6 months beyond the tour return date.

Be sure to have your picture I.D. (driver's license or valid State ID card) with you during tours, as many government buildings, monuments and exhibits now require you to show ID before you are allowed to enter.

Please note that expense of such documents is at the traveler's expense.

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7. What identification is needed to book a tour that includes air and/or international travel?

The Transportation Security Administration now requires that we collect the following mandatory passenger data prior to all air travel. We will ask you for this information at the time of booking.

* Your full legal name (No nicknames or abbreviations)
(as it appears on your driver's license - for domestic air tours)
(as it appears on your passport - for International tours)
* Date of Birth
* Gender

Any changes that need to be made after tickets are issued will be at the client's expense.

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8. Do I need a passport?

All travel to locations outside of the United States requires you to have a valid passport. For trips within the U.S. only, a passport is not required.

Please note that some U.S. itineraries do offer optional excursions that will take you outside of the country. For Example: The Pacific Northwest Grandeur tour offers a one-day optional excursion to Victoria, British Columbia. In this case, a passport is required to take this optional tour. Otherwise, you may choose an option where you will remain in the U.S.

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9. My itinerary is within the U.S. only. Should I apply for a passport anyway?

Because of the length of time needed to receive a passport (in most cases), even if your chosen itinerary is within the country, we recommend that you apply for and have a passport handy for possible future trips.

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10. Do I need a Visitor's Visa?

Some countries do require a Visitor's Visa. If this is required for your itinerary, we will provide you with additional information and the steps for acquiring one.

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11. My passport is about to expire. When should I renew it?

If you passport expires within the next 6 months, it is recommended that you renew it now. Some countries require that your passport be valid for a minimum of 6 months beyond your scheduled return date.

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12. Does everyone traveling with me need a passport?

Yes. All passengers must have a valid passport of their own.

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